Monday, April 12, 2021

"Jews Will Not Replace Us"

I'm so old I remember when someone submitting an uncurated video to a video submission contest for an activist group, which was deemed anti-Semitic by virtue of it making a facile comparison between the Bush administration and Nazis, led to the organization receiving an official denouncement vote from Congress (and a weeks long media shitshow).

Plenty of people in The Discourse do treat all of this stuff as a game, and are transparently just political hacks trying to score points for Their Side. But others hold themselves out as either OBJECTIVE and NONPARTISAN or at least Council of David Brookses style CONSCIENCE OF THE NATION type commentators.

"One random unaffiliated dude on the internet" made MoveOn toxic. All of Fox News should be much moreso, and yet...

...oops, correction, it was something else that got the Cogressional condemnation, the nazi ad was just a media shitshow (thanks to mike stark for the reminder).