Sunday, April 04, 2021

Only Biden Can Usher In Full Communism

Brief thoughts:

1) The Council of David Brookses is much more supportive or muted in its criticisms of crazy left wing shit if Biden is behind it than they would've been if the Kenyan guy had been or certainly if President Bernie was doing it.

2) Don't spend 3 years having a big public debate on something like "universal generous child credit." Just slip it in a bill, distract the usual suspects with chopping off Mr. Potato Head's dick, and pass it before they can get the word out that it's totalitarianism and racist against white people.

3) Related, one (of many) thing about the Obama era I found maddening is how little "slipping good things in the budget bill" or "issuing executive orders" happened. He did a bit more of the latter later, but...

4) A lesson from the last guy is just flood the zone with an infinite amount of stuff. Stick 50 good things in the bill and they'll only have time to get mad about 2 of them.