Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Spring Fundraiser Day 4!

I'm just a dumbass with a blog, but most punditry is like that. David Brooks is a dumbass with a column and TV gigs and, because he has to put his wife through college, some other side gigs.

There's always some tension between "I gotta have a take on something" and "but I really don't have any expertise in this area." One doesn't have to be an expert to have educated opinions, but I do try to refrain from coming across as some sort of authority when I'm just spouting off.

Extra white guy confidence makes it easier to be a blogger - instant "expert" takes on any subject - but it doesn't make it easier to be a good person.

Which is why, in a way, being a dumbass with a blog is better than being a dumbass with a New York Times column. The implied authority of that fucking newspaper suggests their columnists have some idea what they're talking about. Quite often they don't!

Thanks to all!!! 19 more years of bad takes!!!


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