Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Sure Why Not

I doubt the curfew has much of an impact, once the bars and restaurants are open, but this shows the impulse is to just say "fuck it" and keep opening up.

New York City's cases/100,000 people over the last 7 days is 265. That's basically the current level of The Netherlands, which has a pretty extreme level of lockdown at the moment.

The UK just got out of extreme lockdown, though there's still no indoor dining. Both the US and the UK are doing pretty well with vaccines (the UK went the "give a first shot to everyone!" route, so is ahead in that sense). The US new case rate is about 9 times higher than the UK.

The daily death rate is about 9 times higher, too. Vaccine machine is probably working its magic, but it hasn't yet been enough without lockdown.