Tuesday, April 27, 2021

That's Just How Things Are Done

It only takes a few years for "wow that's wrong" to morph into "everybody does it" to "that's just how it's done" to "that's how it should be" to "it has always been this way."

Trump innovated in the "just put the bags of cash on the Oval Office desk" brand of corruption, but we still have a problem with DC being filled with practices that people don't even feel the need to defend, and consider it to be bizarre to even question.

This isn't about anything specific at the moment, just a general dispiritedness at the level of obvious corrupt practices that people seem to be unable to conceive of as flawed because, well, everybody does it.

Some of the scandals that derailed presidential appointees in the not so distant past, for example, seem hilariously quaint. And probably some of them were even a bit silly! But swinging too far the other way...