Tuesday, April 06, 2021

"Vaccine Passports"

It's a dumb term because there's the actual concept of a "passport," being something you need for international travel, and then a general "proof of vaccine" that could potentially be desirable for other things.

Dr. Dumbass doesn't realize that there are already vaccine requirements for visiting many countries (yellow fever in particular). Aside from that, the issue is not whether Dictator Biden requires Americans prove they are vaccinated before they travel internationally, it's that many countries will almost definitely have it as a requirement for incoming travelers. If so - and it likely will be - how can the US provide some official document to allow people to meet that requirement?

As for some sort of "proof of vaccine" for domestic activities, we can debate about when that's appropriate or which entities could legally impose them, but if the number of those activities is more than zero, best to think about how the laminated card is easy to obtain, not hard, and uniform. 

If there is going to be a bureaucracy, make it simple, and once "everyone" can get vaccinated, it won't be a burden.