Monday, May 24, 2021

Actually Old

All the "music Gods" from a certain era are getting up there. I'm mildly fascinated by the difference between how some people were portrayed during my "classic rock listening teen" years (say, 1987-1989), relative to some of their actual contemporaries, and relative to how performers who are of similar advanced ages are portrayed now.

The Traveling Wilburies were presented as a bunch of dinosuars+Tom Petty, but Dylan was "only" 48 then. Plenty of "newer" bands with 50ish performers who might not be the favorites of The Kids Today, but they aren't really portrayed as dinosaurs, either. Natalie Maines is 46. Billie Joe Armstrong is 49. Matt Berninger is 50. Carrie Brownstein is 46. Thom Yorke is 52.

On the other end, Robert Plant is 72. Sammy Hagar is 73. Tina Turner is 81. Paul McCartney is 78. Pete Townsend is 76. Grace Slick is 81. Ray Davies is 76.