Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Krasner Victory

I'm not surprised that Larry Krasner - our actual progressive DA - won his contested primary easily, but it got *a lot* of media attention suggesting that it was a real race.
Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner easily defeated Democratic primary challenger Carlos Vega on Tuesday, taking a giant step toward winning a second term after campaigning on his record of criminal justice reform.

The Associated Press projected Krasner as the winner over Vega late Tuesday night. With 22% of the projected votes counted, Krasner held a wide advantage, 65% to 35%. In a city where Democrats outnumber Republicans seven to one, Krasner is now very likely to win November’s general election. He won the 2017 general election with 75% of the vote.

Cops hate him, love to blame him because they don't do their jobs, but a few thousand cop families switching their voter registration to vote against him wasn't going to do it.

Would like an honest explanation from journalists why there was so much "KRASNER ON THE DEFENSIVE" coverage when this was the extremely likely outcome.

A lot of this was white journalists pretending that people in black communities were going to come out against Krasner because gun violence (somehow Krasner's fault and not the responsibility of the shitty cops) impacts them, but, lol, no, the white racists in NE Philly and deep South Philly were the ones who voted for his opponent.