Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Rotating Villains

I remember similar things being said when Democrats had 59 and 60 votes in the Senate. It's not Obama, it's Max Baucus (who has been empowered by Obama)! It's Joe Lieberman! We're hitting the stage of "silly people complaining just Don't Understand How Things Work." And, well, amazingly, how things work is the president and the party leadership have a lot of ways to make their priorities happen. If they are their priorities.

Also, how things work is their lickspittles fan out into the media and attack those who criticize, or try to use what little power they might have to make things happen, as being naive and stupid and counterproductive. Complainers are always doing the wrong thing. If only they would do this, instead of that, but oh well, nothing the people in power can do!

"Focus your anger on Manchin and Sinema" will be followed up with "whoa whoa, they are sensitive flowers, and if you criticize them they might wilt. Don't make them sad and mad!"

Activists Are Always Doing It Wrong And Are Really To Blame is the one constant criticism. It's less ridiculous now than it was in 2009, but I've seen this movie before, and it sucked the first time.