Saturday, May 22, 2021

Still Going

Just found out someone I know (not someone I know well, not a friend, just someone I'm aware of) is in the hospital for Covid. No idea if he was vaccinated or not.

Knowing what I do know about this person, I'd guess if he wasn't vaccinated, it wasn't because he was a MAGA anti-vax nutter, but more the numerous small reasons why people don't manage to get around to it, including fear of bills which aren't supposed to happen but somehow still do. With eligibility wide open and the increased availability of walk in clinics (everything varies by location, availability is still better some places than others), that's less of a reason, but "we" are at the "drive the ice cream truck around and knock on doors" stage.

Reasonable to be optimistic in the "big picture" sense. Cases are declining and a lot of people have been vaccinated. But despite over a year of telling people otherwise, young adults, teens, and children do get Covid, and even if fairly asymptomatic, they can still get long Covid.