Tuesday, May 25, 2021

We Want To Believe

Liberals actually encourage "the liberal media" (and similar about other institutions) narrative, because overall they want to trust that certain bedrock organizations are good and smart, populated as they are with highly educated people from the right schools, and that they are somehow "on our side" because how could they not be?

Bring up Chuck Todd, and a bunch of people get tear up with nostalgia over the "great" Tim Russert. Longtime readers of this very fine blog know that Tim Russert was not, in fact, great, and certainly not "on our side." People want to believe That Fucking Newspaper is on our team, and NPR, also, too. "On our side" doesn't mean Team D, or Team Expand Social Security, but it does at least mean Team Humanity and Team Fairness Team Not Super Racist and Team Maybe We Can All Have Some Nice Things Even If We Don't Quite All Agree On How. And, well, I'm sorry, but...