Friday, May 21, 2021

Your Mission, If You Choose to Accept It

Obvious point, but if you choose the responsibility of being an important elected official, something no one has forced on you, then you have an oligation to take this very big responsibility seriously.

Something I find incredibly grating is when "the voters" or random activists are blamed. It's your job to get them on board, and once in power, your job to keep them on board.

People with power have power. Most people don't have much power. If you need them on board, find a way to do it. Expecting the powerless to shut up about their concerns even as we know rich assholes have seats at the table constantly, and them blaming them when things don't go right, is childish and absurd.

Politicians (yes, The Democrats) do unpopular things all the time, and certainly fail to do obviously popular things [this is a weed post]. They have most of the power and agency. There are plenty of things they can control, even as they love to fault the people they can't.