Friday, June 11, 2021

Appoint A Company Man, He Protects The Company

"Merrick Garland is more worried about the DOJ than the country" is going to be a running theme.
Since then, the committee official tells me, Schiff’s office has been asking the department to specify what the legal predicate was for including members of Congress and their aides in this data sweep, and what, exactly, prompted the department to target them.

They’ve also been asking the department for a timeline of when the department sought the data involving members of Congress and staff, who else was subpoenaed, and whether that included Republicans. There’s been some back and forth discussion, but no meaningful answers.

“We have repeatedly posed basic and readily answerable questions to the department for more than a month, but have received virtually no information beyond a confirmation that the investigation is closed," the committee official told me. “The department’s refusal to provide information is unacceptable.”

I get that you don't want the people to lose faith in the food supply, so it's easy for the butcher to convince himself that it's very important the people aren't aware that much of the meat he sells is rotten, but when the stench is unbearable, perhaps that faith is best maintained by fessing up and tossing out all the rot.