Thursday, June 03, 2021

But What Does The Development Office Have To Do With Hiring And Tenure

I do love the title "development office" which obscures the actual nature of it.
Yet it appears the university also received some pointed lobbying on the subject from Hussman — whose name adorns UNC’s journalism school, thanks to a $25 million pledge of support that makes him the school’s largest ever donor.

“I worry about the controversy of tying the UNC journalism school to the 1619 project,” he wrote last summer in an email to the school’s dean, Susan King, according to the news site the Assembly. “Based on [Hannah-Jones’s] own words, many will conclude she is trying to push an agenda, and they will assume she is manipulating historical facts to support it.”

He copied the university’s chancellor, Kevin Guskiewicz, and one of its vice chancellors, David Routh.

Computer, enhance.
David Routh Vice Chancellor for University Development, UNC-Chapel Hill
Previously we learned that Hussman, Advanced Journalism Knower, didn't realize his emails would be public, and thinks he is being "objective"* as long as his influence is hidden. *thinks you suckers should think that, anyway