Monday, July 05, 2021

I Am So Tired Of Arguing With You People

Not that I really think this blog has The Power To Change The Discourse most of the time, but I suppose if not, then why bother. Still there are moments when there are a billion boulders of stupid rolling at me from all sides and it seems like shooting a few spitballs at them is pointless.

Even supposedly sensible people decided at some point, "We're vaccinated, LET'S GOOOOOOO!", and while I am not advocating strong legally mandated restrictions, the Sensible Opinion seems to currently range from, "TAKE YOUR MASK OFF YOU LIBERAL WOKESCOLD," to "welp, nothing we can do anymore, why bother." 

That it's only about the unvaccinated, and those are all (supposedly) just Trumpkins so fuck'em, is part of this, of course.

"Listen to the science!!!" say people who don't.

Vaccinated people still get covid and can still spread it. Younger adults and teens certainly get it, and many of them are still not fully vaccinated+2 weeks even if they want to be. The Delta variant is very contagious. Long covid is real and teens get it too.

Anyway, just how do you think this is happening?

Live your life, but wear masks indoors (I don't mean your homes, of course). It's not hard.