Wednesday, July 14, 2021

No They Don't

Lacking shame is a point of pride in wingnuttia.
In an impassioned speech in Philadelphia, Mr. Biden tried to reinvigorate the stalled Democratic effort to pass federal voting rights legislation and called on Republicans “in Congress and states and cities and counties to stand up, for God’s sake.”

“Help prevent this concerted effort to undermine our election and the sacred right to vote,” the president said in remarks at the National Constitution Center. “Have you no shame?”

I don't know what Biden thinks, but decades of Republicans claiming to be, and the press regularly describing them as, "the party of values," and their voters as "values voters" (this is OBJECTIVE JOURNALISM), obscured the very obvious point that as a movement, their morality is "might makes right" and "fuck you, I've got mine, or if I don't, it is because the Democrats gave it to an undeserving."

There is no sense of shame.