Tuesday, July 06, 2021

Should We Sell

Maybe everything is fine, but the problem is once there's broader concern, selling isn't is easy (or lucrative) as it was a month earlier.
But after seeing another high rise similar to her own collapse nearly two weeks ago in the nearby city of Surfside, suddenly her Florida escape turned into a source of anxiety. She became concerned about the structural integrity of her building, which is about 30 years old. She also worried about the financial return on her investment; her family had recently been contemplating putting the condo on the market and buying a townhouse.

“Should we sell it?” said Ms. Mason, a project manager who lives in Northern Virginia and travels to South Florida several times a year. “Should we not sell it? What should we do? We’re kind of just holding on tight and waiting to see.”

Not mocking anyone's potential bad fortune, but "I want to sell" presumes somebody wants to buy.

"You think the people aren't just going to sell their homes and move?" - Cool Kid's Philosopher, Ben Shapiro, on climate change and coastal properties.