Friday, July 16, 2021

The Vaccines Just Work

Our Glorious Discourse is filled with people who are very convinced not just of their own superior intelligence (most of us are, of course), but also of access to a Vulcan-like command of SCIENCE and LOGIC that separates them from mere mortals who believe all kinds of silly things (all of us believe all kinds of silly things that don't exactly rest on the most solid of factual foundations).

I watched "everyone" basically ignore the rising cases in the UK, yelling that people who did things like still wear masks were just being silly and ANTI-SCIENCE, as the Delta variant triumps over the vaccines. Yes it's spreading especially among the more unvaccinated younger people, but not just. The UK is one of the most vaccinated places in the world.

And, well, it's coming home. IT'S JUST SCIENCE people will be blaming unvaccinated Trumpkins, and, sure, they aren't helping, but they aren't the only vulnerable people.

And no my point isn't that we should have LOCKDOWN FOREVER, just that we've had 3 months of a lot of chastizing of people for continuing to take mild harmless precautions, precautions everyone should have been taking when feasible.

The vaccines might provide "acceptable" population wide protection against hospitalization and death, but there will still be more hospitalization, more death, and more long Covid.