Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Every Little Bit Helps

I know I'm repeating myself, as I regularly do, but simply *not discouraging* people from wearing masks was the easiest thing in the world and for some reason that was too hard.

Normal person: yes, I'm vaccinated, but my kids aren't and I keep wearing masks in shops, in part to model behavior for my children, and sometimes I leave them on outside because pulling it on and off, for myself and my kids, is more trouble than it's worth and oh WE HAVE BEEN DOING THIS FOR A YEAR AND I DON'T THINK I NEED TO EXPLAIN THIS OBVIOUS SIMPLE FUCKING THING

Snotty media elites desperate to bring balance back by blaming the libs and the Smartest Boys On The Internet: wow, these people just hate fucking life, want to wear masks and live in a lockdown of their own creation forever, I hate them. They're fucking crazy and want us all to be miserable and THEY HATE SCIENCE I DO NOTHING WITHOUT SCIENCE I AM SCIENCE

Biden CDC: take off your masks if you are vaccinated, please keep them on if you haven't been, I see no problems with these instructions.

Me: uh, guys, have you seen the Delta cases in the UK?