Thursday, August 19, 2021

Lying Ghouls

A feature of the war on terra 20 years ago, which we're reliving at this moment, was the worst people in the world claiming the mantle of morality. These are people who would kill their mothers for a $20 bill pretending to care deeply about the womenandchildren of Afghanistan, and who in 5 minutes will be arguing we just need to drop nukes on the country.

Afghanistan was a nuisance that got in the way of their true exciting plan, Iraq, and until about 12 days ago almost none of these people could even name the (ex-)president of Afghanistan. And while I don't like the rhetoric about the people of Afghanistan being "unwilling to fight," or whatever, that the guy fled the country with $200 million bucks in his socks at the first opportunity does say quite a bit about what "we" had built there. Expecting people to get killed for corrupt leaders like that is more than a little ridiculous. Yes there are broader implications.