Monday, August 02, 2021

Speaking Of The Totally Awesome One

If you ride the Boring Company’s Las Vegas tunnel, known as the Convention Center Loop, you might be tempted to ask your driver about the company’s founder Elon Musk. But don’t expect a straight answer. The company has a script for its drivers and TechCrunch got its hands on what employees are supposed to say. It’s every bit as ridiculous as you’d expect from a company run by the second wealthiest person on Earth.

When drivers are asked whether they enjoy working for Musk, they’re instructed to reply, “Yup, he’s a great leader! He motivates us to do great work,” according to a script obtained by TechCrunch through freedom of information laws in the state of Nevada.

Just the best human.
The script also covers responses to questions about Musk himself: “This category of questions is extremely common and extremely sensitive. Public fascination with our founder is inevitable and may dominate the conversation. Be as brief as possible, and do your best to shut down such conversation. If passengers continue to force the topic, politely say, ‘I’m sorry, but I really can’t comment’ and change the subject.”

Nevertheless, the script provides a number of replies to common Musk questions. Ask what Musk is like and you should expect the answer: “He’s awesome! Inspiring / motivating / etc.”