Sunday, August 29, 2021

The Rabid Lambs of the Internet

Blogs didn't save the world, and nor will twitter, but both in their own way exposed some insular people not used to criticism, or only used to one type of criticism, to the reality that a bunch of people think they're evil shitheads.

Cable news is going to do its thing, but "um, maybe war is bad?" actually gets more of a hearing than it did 20 years ago, as does "you're all a bunch of psychopathic warmongering fucks."

Not enough to keep that fucking paper from publishing pieces like, "Ron Desantis tried his best and it is totes not his fault that his plan to cull the herd had predictable results" and "It is objective science that the best option was to stay in Afghanistan forever, according to me, a reporter who has no opinions, and an unlabeled Raytheon board member." Enough to embarass them sometimes.