Monday, August 30, 2021

Well This Ends Badly

Weeks of incredibly one-sided press, hyperfocused on one single issue, shows that the media, as a collective, is capable of taking sides and focusing on one issue and elevating it above all other concerns.

They usually choose the wrong side, however, when "elite" opinion is at odds with popular opinion, when they're trying beat us over the head with something.

Not that popular opinion is always correct of course, but nor is the collective brain trust of the Morning Joseph Green Room and the Politico/Axios/Punchbowl defense contractor lobbyist offices newsrooms.

My first lesson in this was Clinton impeachment and everything that led up to it. Poll after poll after poll after poll with Clinton's popularity just soaring through it all and this viewpoint was not reflected anywhere whatsoever in the nonstop coverage from every media outlet.