Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Bad Faith Actors

A general rule of thumb is the more to the right you are on the political spectrum, the more the political journalists (not Greg), and The Discourse generally, expect you to be, and just excuse any obvious bad faith behavior.

It's a weird grading on a curve kind of thing. Of course these people are liars and thieves, and that's why they're great!

Don’t let them get away with this rewrite. If President Biden’s agenda does implode — which seems at least possible — the centrists themselves will be the ones to blame. This also should prompt a reconsideration of the mythology that centrists, unlike progressives, are distinguished by their steely, clear-eyed determination to make Washington “work,” and their refusal to let hard governing realities get obscured by gauzy ideological nebula clouds.
Related is that progressve solutions are good, and the centrist substitutes are Rube Goldberg systems that hand money pointlessly to private actors while making it impossible to implement those solutions effectively. But the lefties are the unrealistic ones.