Thursday, September 16, 2021

Leaving New York

A dumb Covid genre was "WHAT WILL COVID MEAN FOR BIG CITIES," especially centered on New York, because New Yorkers in media are especially centered on themselves. Sure there could be some longer term location consequences (remote working acceptance), but the premise is always that people are forced to live in these places (jobs), instead of that they choose to. In many cities (if not New York), people often move to the suburbs because that's where their job is, and people who move away from big metro areas quickly discover (if they didn't know already) there's no decent airport nearby.

My point is just these things are complicated, and some 30somethings who moved to New York in their 20s and now decided they would like a back yard for their soon to be arriving kids (the people who write these trend pieces) are not really representative of, well, trends.

tl;dr It's an interesting question, just not one that will be answered by, "What are my friends and I doing?"