Sunday, September 05, 2021

Ah, Well, Nevertheless

The psychos in and around the administration were pushing to kill extra benefits from day one, and they have their wish. The misery (individual and potential aggregate) will be somebody else's fault, because it always is.
WASHINGTON — Expanded unemployment benefits that have kept millions of Americans afloat during the pandemic expired on Monday, setting up the abrupt cutoff of assistance to 7.5 million people as the Delta variant rattles the pandemic recovery.

The end of the aid came without objection from President Biden or his top economic advisers, who have become caught in a political fight over the benefits and are now banking on other federal help and an autumn pickup in hiring to keep vulnerable families from foreclosure and food lines.

"We" got some things right because we ignored the psychos for 5 minutes, but they never stop. And what is this bullshit?

Privately, some administration officials have expressed openness to the idea that economic research will eventually show that the benefits had some sort of chilling effect on workers’ decision to take jobs. Critics of the extra unemployment benefits have argued that they are discouraging people from returning to work at a time when there are a record number of job openings and many businesses are struggling to hire.
The administration psychos hope the right wing psychos are proved fucking right! Amazing.