Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Call Me When It's Done

I am a bad blogger and I can't be bothered to follow all of the negotiation drama. You know who I think the villains are (THE MODERATE CENTRISTS, THE SENSIBLES, THE KEEPERS OF THE ONE TRUTH FAITH), you know what I think should be done (MORE MORE MORE), and how (universality for everything, no bullshit Rube Goldberg machines).

I'll just add that one thing our DISCOURSE has not sufficiently processed is that last guy had a point: until Covid, THE TRUMP ECONOMY was actually great, and the Covid measures that were put in place (yes, by Democrats, basically, but that's not how most people think) made sure Covid didn't ruin that too much.

(look at me, the optimist, thinking this could still pass with something good intact. haha)