Sunday, October 17, 2021

Get The Damn Shot

I don't think early vaccine skepticism or hesitancy was crazy. "Big Pharma trying to make lots of money shooting a relatively untested thing into billions of people" is something to be a bit skeptical about! You don't need major conspiracy theories to think, well, maybe I'm not going to be first in line for this thing.

It's also not surprising that people double down a bit on these things, looking for any bit of information to justify their skepticism. Reports (true or not) about side effects and similar will bolster your very wise decision to hold off.

But we're getting close to a year later... and... get the damn shot. The willful refusers are just doing in-group signaling, like getting their asses branded for fraternity initiation. Except in this case they can, like many of the leading lights of the conservative movement, just do it secretly and not tell the other idiots in their club.

As with many issues, the cause is not helped by news coverage which largely centers the perspective of a minority of nutters, because they're Real Americans.