Friday, November 19, 2021

And On And On

Remember that period when a popular genre piece was "liberal killjoys want you to WEAR A MASK FOREVER even though vaccinated people are totes safe"?

Aged well.

Cases are soaring in much of Europe again. Austria is implementing another lockdown. Cases in the US are trending back up again.

I don't have particularly strong opinions on what type of mask mandates and similar should be in place. I do think such things are debatable! With the vaccine, boosters, and better treatments, "something shitty we have to live with and best just to go on as normal" isn't a crazy view. But people choosing to be a bit-more-careful-than-asshole-pundits-think-they-should was a freebie, slightly helpful behavior without the force of law, and I still haven't seen the apologies from those assholes.

I guess they've all moved on to "black people are the real racists" or "inflation is killing us all" or something.