Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Ban Cars

As your benevolent dictator, I would actually ban cars. I suppose since I am a Prominent Democratic Activist, I have just doomed the election for Democrats, as ads will be run all over the country, where real Americans love their cars, talking about the plan to take them all away.

Slightly more seriously (but I'm pretty serious!), ban parking requirements. It is illegal to actually build urban spaces that people find aesthetically appealing, at density levels which make for nice neighborhoods in most of the country, even in those existing neighborhoods!

New development of any scale almost always has parking requirements which were not in place when those neighborhoods were initially built. For some reason people don't seem to notice that cars take up a lot of space! The space required for a parking spot is basically that of a small bedroom!


SAN DIEGO — San Diego took the bold and controversial step Tuesday of wiping out parking requirements for businesses in many neighborhoods to accelerate efforts to make the city less car-reliant and more climate-friendly.
It is funny what gets labeled "controversial" in top paragraphs, and what doesn't. I'm sure it is controversial, but almost every change is!