Monday, November 15, 2021


My whole life "brand religion" has been nothing but intolerance (this is not to say all religion, and is in large part due to how religion gets covered in the press).
WASHINGTON — A coalition of religious groups is waging an intensive lobbying effort to remove a nondiscrimination provision from President Biden’s ambitious prekindergarten and child care plans, fearing it would disqualify their programs from receiving a huge new infusion of federal money.


Some of the faith groups are pressing lawmakers to scrap or modify the nondiscrimination language, asserting that it would essentially shut them out of the new federal program unless they made major changes to the way they operate. For instance, it could bar federal funds from going to programs that refused to hire a gay employee, gave preference to applicants of their faith or failed to renovate their facilities to accommodate disabled students.

Or you could just not discriminate? Or just not take the federal money? Secular organizations can't say, "we're not going to hire any of these Jeebus freaks."