Tuesday, November 02, 2021

Takes From 2004

Not picking on Greg, but "we" screamed this for years and largely gave up. A broader messaging apparatus can't be controlled and the Dems hate anything they can't control. Go out on any limb and they'll saw it off as quickly as they can.

But this duplicity has benefited from a hidden assist. For months, Youngkin and his allies have pumped that raw right-wing sewage directly into the minds of the GOP base, behind the backs of moderate swing voters, via a right-wing media network that has no rival on the Democratic side.

Democrats will have to reckon with this. Whether Democrat Terry McAuliffe wins or loses — it will be very close either way — this race highlights this lopsided communications imbalance with unique clarity.

Various attempts in The Blog Era always ended up going into somebody's failson's pocket with little to show for it. The Blog Era is over but the challenge is the same as it was.