Monday, November 22, 2021

The Annual Anti-Turkee Discourse

Turkey is a pretty tasty bird, people generally don't cook it more often because the ones for sale, especially, are very large and it's a bit annoying. It's well-suited for a large party, of course, which is one reason to serve it aside from tradition, and the annual "turkey sucks send tweet" dicourse is about as dumb as all other "that thing you like sucks let me convince you why" discourses which are popular online.

"It isn't worth all the work of throwing it in a bag of salt water for a day" (or similar) is funny coming from people who will boast about their 36 hour lamb shoulder braise, or whatever. (I too prefer a long lamb shoulder braise, I also would not want to cook it or eat it every week).

There are plenty of things I eat irregularly which I enjoy but also wouldn't want to have every day. Some things are like that. Grouse is tasty, once or twice per year.

Also, don't like it, don't eat it!