Monday, November 15, 2021

The CBS Phrenology Hour

Don't care what he said on 60 Minutes last night, but Andrew Sullivan has been a proud skull measuring racist for almost 30 years now and that, of course, makes him irresistible to the people who run our prominent news outlets.

Still mad at all the people who should have known better who supported his blog over the years.

Unrepentant racists don't deserve your support even when they're claiming Obama as their new black friend!

Racism isn't a uniquely American thing, not even close, but there is something about the particular way in which African-Americans are perceived not merely as lesser humans, but actually as subhuman, of a different species entirely. This view is regularly implicitly endorsed by supposedly respectable people with wave after wave of slightly new "respectable" ways to communicate it. You don't have to wear the hood to have the views of a Klansman, and dressing it up in fake science or a fancy vocabulary doesn't change that.