Saturday, November 06, 2021

The Narrative

Not all that long ago it was understood that the infrastructure bill was just a little treat to throw to Republicans to get them on board with a bipartisan plan, and the Biden agenda was the other bill, then over several months suddenly the other bill was unreasonable demands by THE COMMUNISTS ON THE SQUAD who were OBSTRUCTING and the moderates were the Very Serious People.

As Alex says, they don't even have to try anymore. What's going on is the kind of corruption we don't talk about in the US, assuming it away. It isn't "campaign contributions" which is an innocent seeming sort of bribery, but post-Congress jobs for members of Congress, their families, their staffs, and their wider influence circles.

And our corrupt political press, who just run with whatever nonsense their favorite sources text them.

Probably some Pulitzers there! Lots of good journalists, but the elite (most highly paid, most visible) political press are bad!