Friday, November 05, 2021

What's Going On Here

CNN ran a story about a family being crushed by inflation in Biden's America. If you're going to do a story like that the family should be somewhat representative of something, the actual inflation numbers used should bear some relation to reality, and the larger context of family finances in Biden's dystopia should be explained.

The family has 9 children and claim to purchase 12 gallons of milk weekly. The milk price inflation claimed wasn't anywhere near correct. Even *if completely true,* (48 gallons*.80)= 39 bucks. A lot of money? Well, not nothing, but...

Left out was that in Biden's dystopia, 9 children gets you a shitload of money in the form of the child tax credit. A lot of fucking money. Pretty sure it dwarfs the increase in grocery prices.

After getting a lot of criticism, our man Evan claimed the critics were making fun of the family instead of him, and called everybody assholes.

Just another example of, "we talk about whatever Republicans talk about that day, and don't even bother to see if any of it makes any sense."

"Large family blessed by Benevolent Biden Bucks from the CTC" is certainly a more relevant story than "family destroyed by made up milk price increases."