Friday, December 17, 2021

Clap Louder

I know there are people who prefer a cheering section, who want to root for the good guys and blame the bad guys when things go wrong, but I do wish people would understand that the ghouls always have a seat at the table. The people advocating for doing less things and worse things are always there, in various guises. Whatever you think of Joe the Biden, there are some bad people in his immediate circle and there are certainly bad people having meetings with members of Congress every hour of the day.

I don't imagine this very fine blog frequently has much influence on the world, but I do know that there are many more voices saying "don't do more, do less, all your problems are because of all the socialism [you haven't even done]" in earshot of the people in power.

I apologize in advance for the midterm losses I have caused.