Wednesday, December 08, 2021

Clown People

Related to this, I certianly don't idealize my childhood specifically or that era of growing up (trust me, far from it), but for better or for worse (and it might be worse!) I managed to grow up thinking adults were generally fairly responsible serious people. Some were bad, of course, but they weren't just complete buffoons.

Trump aside, I think kids grow up now just seeing a constant parade of adult clowns shoving pies into their own faces and so when The Kids Today roll their eyes at gramps (I'm gramps, in this), that might be part of it!

I'm not making the 90s Republicans-weeping-as-if-in-pain WHAT WILL WE TELL THE CHILDREN ABOUT BILL CLINTON'S PENIS, AS WE TALK ABOUT NOTHING BUT HIS PENIS morality point. I just mean... these people are fucking ridiculous.