Monday, December 20, 2021

I Dunno If This Is Such A Good Idea

The "two track" plan always sounded crazy, and certainly strongarming the progressives to vote for the other bill was extremely crazy, but "trust us" (or "trust them") voices were always very loud.

The savvy take coming out the end of this will be that the BIF is great and wonderful, and the two track plan was necessary to get that passed, and otherwise nothing would have passed.

The great thing about twitter is you see the talking points in fairly raw form, who has them, and who repeats them.

We all gotta eat, I guess.

A cursed aspect of DC is that everyone is supposed to pretend that obviously bad faith operators are AKSHUALLY operating in good faith. It is very rude to point out that the Lobbyist from Chevron-Raytheon is in fact paid to lie, or at best not let the truth ever get in the way of the interests of his clients. Pointing it out is much much ruder than lying for money.