Wednesday, December 01, 2021

I've Been Trying To Explain The New York Times To People For Years And He Just Tweeted It Out

Clyde isn't just Maggie's Dad, he was at the Times forever.

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A lot to work with here ("fell into some trouble" lol), but I would submit that most of us would not actually do what Chris Cuomo did, or anything analogous, to help our "brothers." Sure I would help my brother, but I wouldn't do *that* to help my brother. Make sure he had a good lawyer. Help him figure out how to stop abusing people. That kind of thing.

And the point here isn't simply, "oh, well, family is family, you can sympathize a bit," it's "since you can sympathize a bit, it seems a bit harsh for the man to be suspended from his job." This is "there should be no consequences for people who are, in many ways, qwhite like me."

This is something I would do myself, therefore it isn't really wrong and there should be no negative consequences for it. QED. Boom!

Who amongst us would not abuse our power to smear victims of sexual harassment and assault (whatever "groping" would legally be in your jurisdiction)? Disobeying my employer's rules and edicts and lying to them? Why would we ask for anything different from the most powerful people in the country? And should we really face consequences for that? Famiglia.

What would elite journalists do to protect their families and people in their close social circles? People who they cover, but are also quite friendly with, even party with and see on vacation? What happens in the Hamptons... Believe people when they tell you who they are.

Birds of a feather.
Tucker Carlson praises Chris Cuomo: “It may have been the best thing he ever did”
...(yglesias deleted that tweet, because the top troll game these days is to troll, and then act the victim when people read your provocations and get provoked)