Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Our Sister Outlet

There's something very specific and very obviously damaging about covid misinformation, but it really can't be said enough that most of the rest of the press ignored (downplayed, smeared critics) Fox's destructive bullshit content for years. It's always been bad! Very bad!

During the post-9/11/Iraq era (always going to be fun trying to explain that link to the kids), Fox was hardly different than much of the rest because the rest were toxic, too! And when Obama came in, they all loved the idea of a loyal opposition, even though it was not loyal and largely full of nonsense. At best.

Nonsense is a valid perspective as long as conservatives believe it has long been the standard. Weirdly much more valid than, say, "maybe we should have some sort of free at point of access health care system." That one is subversive shit, communism even.