Thursday, December 23, 2021

The People Who Should Know Better

The way our national media operates, the standard way a dumb story becomes a thing, is that the right wing kicks a soccer ball and the 8-year-olds that are our political press all chase after it, often leaving the goal uncovered. Back before twitter killed Drudge, it was so easy for them. A dozen years or more of "top story on drudge at 1, on CNN by 4, in the New York Times by evening."

It actually isn't that easy now for them, but they get the regular assist from the centrist dipshits (marks or participants, depending) who take all their nonsense seriously. Oh no, inflation! Terry Mac was too woke and people are mad about CRT! The caravan in Mexico (1300 miles away from the border!)! Real Americans in the Ohio diners are concerned about [spins wheel] the use of the term 'Latinx' by DC issue groups! Despite all polling on the issue saying the opposite, the data nerds are convinced that the people (the data nerds) hate all covid related mandates! Polls are everything until they disagree with me!

I actually had an exchange with a reporter (a civil exchange, a good reporter) about the migrant caravan issue in 2018, and this reporter did seem to honestly believe the story was an important one that would continue to be covered after the election and, well...

But that was actually an issue that was worthy of coverage, just not at that moment because Donald Trump said so. Sometimes these types of stories are worthy of news coverage, just not obsessive what-does-it-mean-for-politics coverage. Often they're just bullshit. Short term gas price spike! No Christmas gifts! A one month decline in real wages in 3 deciles of the income distribution! Corporate HR anti-racism! One month of inflation after a pandemic!