Sunday, January 16, 2022

Living With Covid

I'm probably in the "fuck the unvaccinated*" camp as much as anybody, but this weird notion that pivoting to "living with Covid" means "pretending Covid doesn't exist" is absolutely bizarre. A plan for living with Covid as a "new shitty normal" would involve the government establishing ways to reduce spread, bolster our shitty medical system, continue to provide financial buffers for people impacted by it (we all are, vaccinated or not).

"Here are your vaccines you ungrateful serfs, now fuck off" is "Living with Covid," I suppose, but don't expect people to like it.

I suppose if I were in charge of the Covid response, declaring victory and going on vacation would be tempting, but that's why I shouldn't be in charge of it.

*I do believe there are many more people who could be reached with adequte vaccine outreach measures which may be lacking in their communities. So, no, I don't think fuck all the unavaccinated, but the defiant ones.