Sunday, January 02, 2022

Original Thoughts

CHLOE: Valentine, do you think I'm the first person to think of this?


CHLOE: I haven't said yet. The future is all programmed like a computer - that's a proper theory, isn't it?

VALENTINE: The deterministic universe, yes.

CHLOE: Right. Because everything including us is just a lot of atoms bouncing off each other like billiard balls.

VALENTINE: Yes. There was someone, forget his name, 1820s, who pointed out that from Newton's laws you could predict everything to come - I mean, you'd need a computer as big as the universe but the formula would exist.

CHLOE: But it doesn't work, does it?

VALENTINE: No. It turns out the maths is different.

CHLOE: No, it's all because of sex.


CHLOE: That's what I think. The universe is deterministic all right, just like Newton said, I mean it's trying to be, but the only thing going wrong is people fancying people who aren't supposed to be in that part of the plan.

VALENTINE: Ah. The attraction that Newton left out. All the way back to the apple in the garden. Yes.


Yes, I think you're the first person to think of this.

-Tom Stoppard's Arcadia