Thursday, January 06, 2022


I hold some weird grudges from the Iraq war era. Maybe "long" is a better word than "weird." Perhaps they are not so weird at all!

They're against the people who positioned themselves as kind of against the war, but in reality spent all the time opposing-the-opposers. As in, sure the anti-war movement is correct, but have you seen the ridiculous signs at the protests? They can't possibly think *that* tactic (or that one, or that other one, or anything at all) will be helpful! Sure I agree with them, but the stench of patchouli is overpowering! Enough with the giant puppets!!!

And, dear sir or madam, you have a prominent platform (I am talking about prominent people) in our nation's elite outlets, and instead of trying to stop a war that you claim to be against, you're nutpicking the only people who are actually trying to oppose it.

Today it's the people who looked at everything that was happening in 2020, and concluded, "the problem is people are too woke!"

I mean, sure, if that's what you think, but don't expect me to pretend to believe you're very concerned when cops are gunning down people who don't look like you.

Tempting to say they don't understand power, but I suppose it's more that they understand it very well and instinctively know which side they should be on.