Monday, January 31, 2022

Still A Lot Of Hospitalizations

Whatever one thinks the reponse should be, "pretending it doesn't exist and yelling at people to clap louder and go back to the face licking parties" doesn't change the fact that this is an ongoing crisis. The people in power have decided to do... (almost) nothing.

Aside from the fantasy "Covid just disappears" scenario, which is possible, the "new normal" is significantly increased disruption and the elite plan to deal with this is to pretend it isn't there.

People respond to this kind of statmement as if one is demanding lockdowns and, no, I'm demanding a recognition that the "new normal" is likely to be significantly more difficult than the old normal, and that this burden falls on the people least able to deal with it practically or financially, and their concerns are not the ones the mirror those of highly paid Hot Take generators.

The concerns of those Hot Take generators primarily being, "the people who serve me should continue to do it happily for no additional compensation and shut the fuck up about it." From an electoral perspective, which isn't the only one of course, whatever precise reasons people give to pollster questions which are themselves shaped by the elite consensus, "generally being anxious and unhappy" leads to incumbents being chucked out!