Friday, January 21, 2022

What If We Multiply A Much Larger Number By A Slightly Smaller Number

There's a big difference between deciding that there's little we can do about, or should choose to do about, the aggregate spread of Omicron, and deciding that this means that there's nothing we should do about ameliorating its impacts (individual, econommic, on the health system).

"We must live with Covid" became "we must do absolutely nothing, and the real monsters are the people who are pretending it still exists and are trying to adjust their precarious lives accordingly."

It should have been, "here's your sick pay, here's your guaranteed health care, here's your financial cushion, here's a real plan to keep the kids in school, here's the real plan to make sure the hospital system doesn't collapse, here's the hazard pay for those workers we once called necessary."

Instead wealthy work-from-home pundits, pissed off about mask wearing at Whole Foods, for who the fuck knows what reason, decided the real enemy was people who worried a bit more about the impact of a serious disease on their lives than they had to. And, as always, decided this was the opinion of AMERICA despite what the polls said.

Life's hard right now, for a variety of reasons! Covid sucks! Pretending it doesn't exist doesn't help!