Sunday, January 02, 2022

What To Do

I don't really have strong opinions about what policies should be right now, but the point of this is that (some) people across the political spectrum seem to be deliberately or ignorantly misunderstanding this point.

Team D seems scared of imposing restrictions that will harm the economy, despite the fact that failing to impose them will hurt things anyway! Team R is pretending that totalitarian restrictions are already in place anywhere Team D is in charge, so they can both blame Biden and pretend such restrictions don't work anyway.

Failure to have any restrictions along with the general erosion of isolation guidance will affect people in more precarious jobs, as they can't skip work "only" because they have covid symptoms. Not good for those people!

But generally, some people are going to stay home if they can (not all people can!) if the pandemic is raging, whatever the rules are. You can't have "normal," and wishing doesn't make it so. Businesses are going to take a hit and there isn't any support at the moment!

I know the last guy doesn't deserve credit for anything, but in 2020-21 there was support!