Thursday, January 13, 2022

Why Don't The People Who Serve Me Understand It Is Time To Get Back To Normal

The complete lack of any suggestion of compensating people for high risk jobs from all the work from home journalists demanding everyone continue serving their needs speaks for itself.

I am SO OVER covid, why won't the help do as they are told!!!!!

The focus on supposedly impertinent teachers, instead of the failure of government - federal, state, local - to even attempt to step in to provide the necessary resources has been amazing.

And by amazing, I mean, "I hope all of you lose your fucking highly paid jobs writing for elite publications." I am not a brain genius, but my "take" since Omicron hit, was, well, sure, maybe the schools should be open, but if you're a principal, good luck with that! The obvious point being that staffing shortages would make that very difficult! The companion point being that maybe, just maybe, if your concern is maintaining a stable learning environment for children, closing for a couple of weeks might actually be a better plan than what seems to be happening now across the country!

"Mild" doesn't mean not sick, but all the wealthy Take Merchants just pretended that if you're not intubated, you can just go in and take care of their kids.