Wednesday, February 09, 2022

And Then It All Went Wrong

If I had to point to a moment when elite centrist weirdo opinion shaping Covid strategy/messaging went wrong after Biden's election, it was when all the smooth brains decided that it was very important to not only remove masks restrictions for the VACCINATED but also that everyone who was vaccinated should model their VACCINATED FREEDOM by never masking anywhere in public again.

This was dumb for many reasons. One being that having an unenforceable two tier rule system just created social friction, and of coure made life extra hell for store workers. Another being that anti-vaxxers weren't going to obey the rules anyway, and when delta arrived it just supported the idea that the vaccines don't work as cases boomed again.

Also just it's the worst goodgirlsandboys elementary school liberal model of social behavior - if you get vaccinated, you get to take off your mask as a treat like the other good girls and boys!

When a bunch of prominent people suddenly start saying the same dumb thing, you know the talking points went out.

So tired of being lectured by these assholes.

Hopefully omicron passes and covid fades into the sunset. We're all goldfish. But covid focus groups are like economy ones. People say inane things like "whoa, really worried about the deficit" because that's what they heard on NPR but what they mean is "I'm broke." People say "really tired of all this covid bullshit like masks" and that's not really what they're tired of.